Bottled Water

5 years ago, in another country, I wrote about the cost and extortionate profits of bottled water. 

I still feel the same about it, though I have tempered my opinion with the practical reality of living in a desert environment where the naturally occurring water, even when treated, is unpleasant to drink – and not so thirst-quenching anyway – due to its hardness.  Wherever I can I still refill my bottles with tap water that has been through a zeolite filter.  However we need to carry so much with us when we travel that from a practical  point of view, bottled is necessary.  The waste and environmental concerns are still on my mind.  On the plus side, two dozen 600ml bottles from Coles are only $8.  That is a mere $1800 a cubic metre. Probably only around 500 times the cost of tap water here.


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Settling into my 7th decade and still determined not to grow up too soon.
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