According to my app I have been logging my comestibles intake and energetic expenditure for 199 days. Despite plateauing a few times over the months I very nearly – close enough anyway – achieved my goal of losing a kilo every ten days. The maximum, I’m told, that is medically advisable.

Today, after a healthy breakfast of leftover Kokoda and a just as healthy lunch of Thai Hot & Sour Soup, I think I shall treat myself to a restaurant meal with a glass of beverage, and blow both my pecuniary and energy budgets. On the latter, at least, I should be back in credit after my afternoon swim.

Just sayin’
Just sayin’

Author: Uisce úr

Though I am old with wandering Through hollow lands and hilly lands, I will find out where she has gone, And kiss her lips and take her hands; And walk among long dappled grass, And pluck till time and times are done, The silver apples of the moon, The golden apples of the sun.

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