About Alan

I am now 66 years old (2018).

I am male, Born in the UK of Irish descent, raised in NZ from the age of 6. Married twice, now living alone. I have two daughters I love dearly and of whom I am very proud.

Once I thought I would be a writer.  I am a writer as it happens, but not quite in the way I envisaged.  I see myself as an ordinary person who has had the good fortune to do some extraordinary things in unusual places.   I have had some interesting occupations in interesting places.   Sometimes I think I should have been a stand-up comedian.

This blog is a continuation of  this previous one, now out of room unless I pay for more space:   It is my attempt at making sense of the world, and coping with it.  A journal rather than a blog.  In it I tell my future self and my current friends what I am up to and what I am thinking. I post my photographs, or as some would have it, snapshots.  It was some time after I started blogging that I realised that there was a subtle underlying purpose to my writing I had not consciously identified at the beginning.  I wanted to get rid of some my demons.  Guilt and Regret.   I came to realise, by self-diagnosis, that I was suffering depression.   Much later this was confirmed medically.  Treatment helped.  A bit.  The blog helped too. It gave me reason to laugh when I needed to, and to weep when I had to.  Everything I record is a message for my future self about where I am, in my head as much as in any physical location.

My great fear is Dementia, and Forgetfulness.  I fear nothing else any more.  Nothing. Not even death, which i know is inevitable.   Every other fear I have faced and overcome.

I am looking into the mysteries of story.  I still have a fading dream of writing something worthwhile.  I follow Caer Ibormeith, the Goddess of sleep, prophecy and sweet dreams.  Metaphorically of course.  I shall find her.  She shall be my muse.

Though I am old with wandering
Through hollow lands and hilly lands,
I will find out where she has gone,
And kiss her lips and take her hands;
And walk among long dappled grass,
And pluck till time and times are done,
The silver apples of the moon,
The golden apples of the sun.

– From “The Song of Wandering Aengus” by William Butler Yeats

I also write on the following sites from time to time::

Motorcycles Across Australia:  Fairly obvious what that is about…  And as of 2017 no longer a chronicle of my own rides.  I have sold what I suspect was my very last bike.

My Cooking Blog:   Recipes I have invented or tweaked that I don’t want to forget, or that I believe worth sharing.  I know I need to lift my food photography game if it is ever to be popular.  I shall work on it.

Folk tales and faery tales I have heard – or that I am creating… Some.  A lot are private until I am happy with them.

I have a Facebook page.  I need to wean myself off Facebook.   It no longer serves the purpose of staying in touch with my family.

I now live in Kururrungku Community (Bililuna) in the Shire of Halls Creek, the Kimberley, Western Australia.

How I got here is sort of documented in my previous blog. Especially if you read between the lines



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