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A long session with the visiting GP and a young trainee doc yesterday afternoon.  Over an hour.  I had a full ECG, blood and urine tests.  Results to be discussed in two weeks time.  She increased my antidepressant dose 100% and added a new drug to my regimen; Pregabalin, for neuropathic pain.  It seems that most of the pain I feel in my knees and legs is actually caused by the degeneration of my spine.  I checked on the web and learned Pregabalin is also indicated for a few other conditions, including generalized anxiety disorder. I wonder if that influenced her decision to prescribe it.
On the upside, here in the outback all this is free including the medications.


Breakfast: Caffeine plus.



This is Zeus, my Staffordshire Bull Terrier, given into my care by a friend.  I have had him for a couple of weeks.  Zeus is coming up to three years old as far as I can tell, and is nutless.  He likes fetching his piece of knotted rope, or a tennis ball.  He chases the dragons, but hasn’t yet caught any, I am pleased to say.  Nor snakes, so far.  He has adapted well to life out here.  He is a great guard dog.   He comes from a civilised background and is a good house companion.  At night, Zeus sleeps on a big cushion beside my bed.  He knows he is not allowed on the bed.

He does not chew the hand brake in my vehicle, or other possessions, like certain other dogs I once had. He is not greedy and he is pretty responsive to my commands, though I still have to teach him to walk at heel, sit, stay and to come at once when called, without coaxing.

Today for the first time he accompanied me down to the basketball courts where he conducted himself in exemplary fashion.  The community dogs were curious but not particularly aggressive, and he showed them how a civilised dog behaves on a lead.  He seemed ok with the children though I am not sure whether they were all ok with him.  Some of the locals call him Arnold because he is without doubt the stockiest, most muscular, best fed dog they have seen.   I have allowed him to be given that name. and let them believe he is a   cheeky dog because that is what I hope will keep my garden hose and fittings from being stolen yet again when I am not around and he is.



Cowards, all.

There is not much to report.  The first thunderstorm dropped a little rain this morning.  The goannas are now awake.  I now have a Staffordshire bull terrier named Zeus.  He helps me through my darker days.

I haven’t commented on world politics much lately. There seems little point. The US has the biggest clown laughing stock president ever and is rapidly becoming a running joke.

I had a little revelation watching a Netflix series last week.  The death toll amongst bystanders in almost every scene in almost every series where the good guy goes after the bad guys is seen as mere collateral damage, and reflects nothing more than the true value of human life as seen through American eyes.

The world is going to hell in a handbasket.

If a Muslim shoots someone, an entire religion gets the blame; if a black man kills someone, an entire race cops the flak; but if a white male shoots someone he is merely a disturbed “lone wolf”.

And to some, it is all just a matter of opinion.

Some people are not qualified to have an opinion, because opinions are only valid if they are rational.  The opinions of pig-ignorant arseholes do not qualify.   Don’t.  Just don’t.

These opinions echo my own:

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 Today I cried for those whose lives have been taken and those whose lives have been irrevocably changed.

I’m sick of prayers and crying. I’m sick of us innocents being terrorized by mentally sick White Male Terrorists.Call it out. Say it loud. The statistics do not lie. They are our ISIS.

The news orgs are all participating in a mass lie by not calling it by its name. White Male Terrorism. Yes it is uncomfortable to see truth, but worse is a bullet in your flesh. Be BRAVE!

We need to call it what it is otherwise we will never be able to fix the problem.

If this terrorist were a black man, or an Iraqi that slaughtered so many innocents, do you really think the news orgs would be calling them ‘lone shooter?’

The answer is no, of course not. By (literally) whitewashing the problem of white male terrorism it continues its cancerous growth.



David Gerrold

But I’ve also blocked over a dozen people who’ve posted on other people’s threads. I don’t feel like arguing with pig-ignorant assholes. I have better things to do.

Now we know what the USA looks like as an open-carry nation. It isn’t working, is it?

The NRA propaganda is a large part of the problem. As far as I’m concerned, they’re an organization that fosters domestic terrorism.

And the cowardly republican congress is a large part of the problem. Bought and sold to the highest bidder.

And just in case, the above isn’t clear — this isn’t an invitation to argue with me. 90% of what I do for a living is research. It takes a little longer sometimes, but it makes my job easier — I don’t have to make up as much stuff.

And that’s the problem with all this anti-gun-regulation and anti-gun-safety bullshit. People are making shit up to justify waving their guns around.

And this is what I say to those who repeat that shit: “No, it’s not about guns any more. It’s not about the second amendment and it’s not about your right to protect yourself — it’s about your cowardice, your fear, and your inability to get along with other people. Instead of creating a world based on partnership and contribution and connection, you want to live in a society of fear and hatred, division and violence. Fuck you — not for your guns, but for being so fucking stupid that you can’t see how you’ve been used.”

31 people die every day, 20 schoolchildren get gunned down in a classroom, and now 58 concert-goers are dead and 550 more injured — because the NRA makes a profit telling ignorant assholes that they need to protect themselves from the rest of the world.

You want to argue with this? Do it on your own fucking page. I ran out of patience in 1969 …


The German philosopher Josef Pieper, in his work  The Four Cardinal Virtues  says the connotation of prudence as caution, or aversion to risk, is a modern invention. “Prudence” comes from the Latin “prudentia,” meaning sagacity or expertise. The earliest English uses from the 14th century had little to do with fearfulness or habitual reluctance. Rather, it signified righteous decision making that is rooted in acuity and practical wisdom.  Pieper argues that we have bastardised this concept.  We use prudence as an excuse for cowardice, hiding behind the language of virtue to avoid what he calls “the embarrassing situation of having to be brave.” The correct definition, he argues, is the willingness to do the right thing, even if that involves fear and risk.

 And lastly:  My thoughts on “Thoughts and prayers”:

New Things

I’ve had a weekend of acquisitions.  Purchases and gifts.  From Jake I received a home gym exercise kit, on the promise that I’d use it.  I made a start this evening and tired myself out after 20 minutes. I really am unfit.  In my defence, I did have a fairly exhausting day, carrying a huge load of shopping in as I start stocking up for the Wet, and then having to change a tyre on the way home.  Another tyre. The Tanami is hard on tyres.   I set up the kit and made a start as soon as I had unpacked the troopy.  The endorphins didn’t kick in, but I did get a little of the satisfaction I felt back in the day when I put in hard hours in the basement gym at the Ministry.  I shall sleep well tonight, I know.

The second gift was Zeus, a Staffy cross who has been entrusted to my care by Lyn.  Zeus and I have been friends over a year, and he seems to have no problems so far adjusting to his new circumstances.  I shall be keeping him enclosed in my section and making sure he does not run into the camp dogs.  He is a civilised dog.

I also picked up some cool parcels of Useful Things;  I now have one of those glass bowl ovens with the fan heater on top that cooks excellent roasts etc.  I tried it out today by cooking a duck from frozen in around two hours.  Cool Gadget.  I have a new iTech 900A  20,000 mAh battery that will not only start a LandCruiser with a flat battery, and will charge or run laptops, phones and whathaveyou, but will also run my CPAP.  Really Cool Gadget.  On the way also is a solar panel that will trickle charge the car or the iTech 900A.  Lastly a parcel came with a set of very powerful “tactical” torches.

More toys on the way include a professional knife sharpening kit, a windscreen repair kit, solar powered motion activated lights, and a memory expansion for my Macbook.

For the young people I work with I have ordered a heap of art materials, magnetic connection bricks, and the necessary stuff to teach them basic photographic skills with their phones and to print out the results;  printer, photo paper and inks.

Gotta love the internet.