BF85623B-4847-4915-9F57-1642FA32B3A2Voici un sortilège

  • trois yeux de serpent
  • trois oiseau volants
  • trois fruits suspendus
  • trois chaussures perdues
  • trois sourires de crocodile
  • trois doigts d’anguille
  • trois oreilles de souris
  • trois foies de lézard
  • trois orteils de canard
  • Trois yeux de limace
  • trois morceaux de glace
  • trois oeufs de coq vert
  • trois jambes de vers
  • trois bras de poisson
  • trois ailes de cochon
  • Trois langues de chat,
  • trois queues de rat,
  • trois gros crapauds,
  • Trois escargot
  • trois litres d’eau,  stagnante.
  1. Remuez  bien,
  2. mélangez bien,
  3. Trelin trelin, trelaron.

il n’y a pas de nuages ​​au Ciel’ 

Je m’inquiète pour ma santé mentale.


My Autobiography – Loosely Based on a True Story. To Be Continued.

I am slowly working on the remainder of My Autobiography – Loosely Based on a True Story. I have roughed out a timeline and chapters based on where I lived, or what I did.

Work is slow.  This may take some time.  And courage.

Part Two: New Zealand.  1957 to 1964


Palmerston North


Napier – Bluff Hill

Napier – Onekawa

Part Three:  New Zealand.  1965 to 1984

Henderson  High School

Growing up in West Auckland



Henderson again


Napier again


Back to Auckland


Part Four: Solomon Islands 1984 to 1986

Gizo and Western Province

Part Five: New Zealand 1986 to 2009



Lower Hutt and Wellington again

Working for the Ministry

Part Six:  Fiji and NZ 2009-2011

Suva and the Pacific Islands

Part Seven:  Australia 2011 -2019



Halls Creek





John 8:32

Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.

Starting the year with this resolution, formulated for me by Annie Reneau.

A belief, opinion, or viewpoint based on verifiably false claims is not worth my consideration. Period. Refusing to entertain them doesn’t make a person intolerant, it makes them reasonable and intelligent. Tolerating lies is ridiculous and illogical. And if your opinion is based on lies, it is invalid and it should be called out as such.

A viewpoint based on verifiably false claims is not worth my consideration.  Period.”
Especially when that opinion causes or permits harm to others.
With so many opportunities to learn the facts, crosscheck and verify them from independent and expert sources, it takes a particular combination of stupid and cognitive dissonance to continue believing bullshit.
Even an atheist can quote the book.